You may have noticed that the Imaginary Quotations’ attributed authors are not only imaginary. Some names (like Edward Inborough and Bernard de Roibaux) are simply made up, but many of them are a play on words. There have been sounda­likes like Freia Mynde (“free your mind”), anagrams like Ethan Dirges (“nearsighted”), and other puns.

Go back and have a look through the catalog to see which ones you can discover. True confession: for the longest time, I didn’t write down the solutions——and now I’ve forgotten many of the wordplays myself… Boo.

Going forward

To simplify things, starting from last week’s quote, all the author names will be anagrams. And the solution will always be revealed one week later. 

So as you enjoy your weekly dose of the world’s imaginary wisdom, try and crack the quotee code as well!

Father, son, husband, friend and writer by day; asleep by night. Happily pondering the immortality of the crab wherever words are shared.

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