Love Is None of These

Love is not a verb—or a noun.
An article, perhaps? Alluring thought!
But no. Nor a pronoun, nor an adjective.
Love is not a word.

Is it an exclamation mark, a semicolon?
No, these will not do! Nor will a dash,
a quote, a hyphen or an interrobang.
Love is not punctuation.

Is love an ampersand? Tempting, but no.
It is not an asterisk or a bullet;
it denotes neither number nor currency.
Love is not a symbol.

Love is none of these.
It is we ourselves who are the interjections,
the question marks and the backslashes.
Aswim in the broth of mind—but for love.

For love is grammar, the syntax of the heart.
It binds and orders, creating and destroying
such discovered dreams of ourselves
as we dare to admit into the light.

• • •

Image credit: roegger (adapted from source)

Father, son, husband, friend and writer by day; asleep by night. Happily pondering the immortality of the crab wherever words are shared.

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